Well, who the f#!k are you anyway?

I know, right?!

As I was trying to work out the final kinks to a few pieces I want to put up here, I realized that none of you really know who the hell I am. Well, maybe you do from the Twitter, or the Facebook, or the Google+; but not the real me. The LET’S-BITCH-ABOUT-ALL-THE-THINGS me. Shall we change that?

When I first thought of this blog, I was like “Yeah, Sabres & Bills fan in NYC! Let’s write about that kind of experience!”, then I was like “Shit, look at DGWUSports. They’re damn cool & funny, and I’m not going to top that.” So I’m not going to try too (like I could anyway. Assholes.)  All I’m gonna do is write up my musings about the Sabres, Bills, and any other sports or topics I choose too, and if you folks like it, awesome. If not, well at least this can be cathartic in a way. Maybe I’ll shout less at my wife about all this junk now too. Maybe.

As for the posts I mentioned, my first was going to be about Tim Connolly and how the Sabres would look this season without him. I thought I’d go through a lot of his stats and see where he was a key contributor on the ice, where he wasn’t, and whatnot. But holy fuck! Stats are boring. As I was compiling his penalty kill and powerplay percentages over the last couple seasons, I feel asleep. Dead asleep. Even in the numbers, Tim Connolly bores me. So, that idea will most likely be scrapped. Especially since it’s so two weeks ago, anyway.

I’ve got ideas for other posts, like “Who put the ‘Eh’ in Ehrhoff” and “Robyn Regehr? More like ROBYN Regehr!” You know, that kind of insightful and thought-provoking stuff. So, stick around.


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